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Women's March

South Korea Women’s March in Photos

Korea Exposé shares a selection of photos from Korea Women's March, held in Seoul on Mar. 4. With a progressive government in power, is the gender gap set to start closing?

P(r)aying for Bigotry at Handong University

Handong University announced its official opposition to homosexuality last May: “Homosexuality is a regressive cultural trend that denies Biblical truth” and, “We believe true homosexual rights lie in conversion therapy.” It goes to lengths to abide by this belief.

How Bad Is Racism in South Korea?

You might have heard some horror stories about racism in South Korea. And yes, depending on where you are and who you interact with it does get “that bad.”

Obituary: The Legacy of Jonghyun

Jonghyun’s death raises many questions of social importance: about the K-pop industry, depression, and suicide as a health risk in South Korea.

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