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Ho Kyeong Jang

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Ho Kyeong is KÉ's KOREA 101 editor. He is a graduate of Yale University with a History and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (WGSS). His fields of interest are LGBTQ rights, disability studies, and race relations in South Korea.

Ediya Coffee: South Korea’s Answer to Starbucks?

South Korea has a hyper-competitive coffee market. Amidst the fierce competition, Ediya Coffee has triumphed across various metrics. It was evaluated as the most profitable coffee franchise in South Korea, with the most number of stores across the nation. It's an anti-Starbucks, in a way.

Druking Scandal Shadows Moon Jae-in’s ‘Super Spring’

The Druking scandal involves the manipulation of online comments, South Korea's largest search engine, and possibly president Moon Jae-in. Behind Moon's glittering popularity following the inter-Korean summit, the political scandal continues to cast a shadow.

Meal Alternatives

South Korea’s Best Meal Alternatives

If you're suffering from skinny obesity, it's time to get your diet in order! At Korea Exposé we realize you don't always have time to eat well, so here's our roundup of locally available "meal alternatives" in the form of shakes and bars.

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