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South Korea’s Online Piracy Paradise

Piracy costs South Korea's cultural industry huge amounts of money every year. Yet much of it takes place via "webhards," online platforms that hide in plain view, even charging money for other people's pirated content.

Data Collection

South Korea Investigates Social Media over Phone Records

Let's face it, Facebook and other social media giants aren't providing their services for free. Data collection is their business, and you agree to let them have it when you sign up. But have major social media overstepped the line in South Korea?

Study: “Dating Violence Prevalent in Seoul”

A recent study of dating violence in Seoul revealed that 39.1 percent of women had suffered from physical violence, 54.7 percent had been victims of sexual violence, and several other shocking figures.

Obituary: The Legacy of Jonghyun

Jonghyun’s death raises many questions of social importance: about the K-pop industry, depression, and suicide as a health risk in South Korea.

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