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Jieun Choi

Jieun Choi has 92 articles published.

Jieun Choi is staff writer at Korea Exposé. She has worked in the art industry and startups in Hong Kong and Australia.

Best Meat-Free Buddhist Places to Eat in Seoul

Typically known for fried chicken and BBQ joints, South Korea may not seem like the friendliest place for vegans and vegetarians. Here's our guide to the best Buddhist places, a safe meat-free option for residents and travelers.

The Artist Painting Seoul’s Streets

Meet the street artist painting her impressions of Seoul -- on Seoul. She illustrates the walls and buildings of the city, filling them with vibrant colors and characters.

Stop Attributing Everything to Confucianism

Phrases like "such and such happened because of ingrained Confucian values" show up time and again in Western reporting about Asian countries, not least South Korea. But is it true, or is it just lazy journalism?

A K-pop Star for One Day

Going to a noraebang and belting out a tune or two is a favorite pastime for South Koreans. Some companies, though, see an opportunity in elevating this mundane experience to a new level: helping Chinese tourists feel like a K-pop star for one day.

Barber From Another Era

Welcome to Seongwoo Barbershop, one of South Korea's oldest barbershops and a fascinating glimpse into a forgotten era within a rapidly changing country.

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