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Jieun Choi

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Jieun Choi is staff writer at Korea Exposé. She has worked in the art industry and startups in Hong Kong and Australia.
conscientious objector

Conscientious Objector: Why I Refuse to Serve

Technically at war, South Korea requires mandatory military service of all 'able-bodied' men up to the age of 35. That doesn't mean everyone agrees to go -- even though refusing comes with consequences.

동아시아에서 일어나는 모든 현상을 ‘유교 때문’이라 결론짓지 말자

외신을 보면 ‘유교’는 ‘동아시아’와 같은 의미를 가지고 있다는 주장이 종종 나타난다. 하지만 아시아 국가들 사이에도 상당한 차이가 존재한다. 그 차이를 무시하고 그들의 총체적인 성공과 문제점을 단순히 유교를 통해 설명하는 건 매우 서구적인 관점에서 동양을 대상화하는 오리엔탈리즘이라 할 수 있다.  

Who Is to Blame for the Ills of South Korea’s Musical Industry?

Over the past 20 years, the South Korean musical industry has experienced explosive growth. But it has failed to develop artistically, depending on big-scale Western productions. The problem lies with local production companies that prioritize profit over quality, some say. But many industry insiders blame the fans.

Seoul’s Skyscrapers Are an Unlikely Home for Honeybees

In smoggy Seoul, a hopeful beekeeper wants to promote urban beekeeping and raise awareness about disappearing honeybees. We met him on a high-rise, coincidentally on the day of the first inter-Korean summit between Moon Jae-in and Kim Jong-un.

North Korean journalist

Meet North Korea’s Former Elite Journalist

One week remains before the #interkoreansummit. Kim Gil-sun, an ex-journalist from Pyongyang, isn't particularly hopeful. The North Korea she remembers was a dangerous place...even to write about certain kind of plants.

What Happens to Women After #MeToo

Look beyond the headlines. What about the many more victims of #MeToo that don't get any headlines because the perpetrators aren't 'newsworthy'? Here is the story of what potential victims in South Korea face after they speak out in public.

South Korea’s Plus-Size Women: Break the 48kg Myth

"Don't girls normally weigh less than 50kg?" "If you weigh over 50, how can talk openly about your weight?" "ARE YOU CRAZY?" Meet the women giving the middle finger to South Korea's pervasive culture of fat-shaming.

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