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Ben Jackson

Ben Jackson has 63 articles published.

Ben Jackson is Korea Exposé's environment editor. He studied languages at undergraduate level and has an MA in Korean Literature from the School of Oriental and African Studies in London.

Debunking the China Myth

Air pollution is a serious problem in South Korea. Among the famous culprits is fine dust -- is it valid to say China is to blame for fine dust? Watch our environment editor debunk the China myth.

Hyundai’s Hydrogen Dream

Supporters call it the 'key.' Critics like Elon Musk call it 'dumb.' Hyundai Motor recently launched the Nexo, its new hydrogen fuel cell vehicle. Can the perpetual "fuel of the future" become a viable source of energy in South Korea, and beyond?

April 3 Uprising and Massacre

Dark Tour: Jeju Island Beyond Teddy Bear Museums

This month marks 70 years of 4.3, one of the worst cases of violence perpetrated by the South Korean state against its own citizens. A different sort of tour shows Jeju beyond the teddy bears and postcard beaches.

KÉ Interview: If South Korea Wants to Change, Transform Seoul

Shin Ji-ye is the Green Party's provisional candidate for the upcoming Seoul mayoral elections in June. She's probably not going to win. But her platform provides shrewd, progressive insight into some of Seoul's -- and by default, South Korea's -- most pressing problems.

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