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What Happens to Women After #MeToo

Look beyond the headlines. What about the many more victims of #MeToo that don't get any headlines because the perpetrators aren't 'newsworthy'? Here is the story of what potential victims in South Korea face after they speak out in public.

Cult Leader, Convicted Rapist, Free Man: A Story of JMS

Jeong Myeong-seok is the founder of a notorious cult that encourages beautiful female followers to have sex with the messiah (Jeong) to cleanse Original Sin. In a quirky twist of fate, his recent release from 10-year imprisonment coincides with the spreading of the #MeToo campaign in South Korea.

Safety booth in Seoul

Phone-Cum-Safety Booths Prove a Bust

S. Korea turned old phone booths into 'safety booths' for citizens, especially women, to escape to. Two years later, the initiative is proving to be a flop.

South Korean Comedy’s Misogyny Machine

She must play the "fat and ugly" card to succeed. Worse, she's now under fire for criticizing her trolls. Welcome to South Korean comedy's misogyny machine.

Weekly Brief: Sept. 19th – Sept. 25th

Baek Nam-gi dies; life for female runaways and migrant fisheries workers; excessive subway crackdowns; another earthquake; and calls for nuclear armament.

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