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Haeryun Kang

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Haeryun Kang is Korea Exposé's managing editor.

Korea Exposé Went to Gyeongju for MT…

...which stands for 'membership training,' but in South Korea often means a group retreat with ample chances to drink booze and sleep in later than usual. And no work, of course, other than weeding. 

Against South Korea’s Spycam Porn Epidemic

It was a sight to behold: at least 12,000 women shouting at the top of their lungs in central Seoul, enraged by South Korea's widespread spycam pornography, enraged by what they perceived to be police inaction, even discrimination. Here is their story.

Feminism is Taboo in S. Korea’s Gaming Industry

Around half of all gamers in South Korea are women, but the industry is still largely male-dominated. Sexual objectification of women is prevalent, whether on game illustrations or actually in the playing field. There is also an alarming taboo against being a feminist.

One April Morning

On Apr. 27, Kim Jong-un stepped on South Korean soil for the first time. It was also the first time a North Korean leader came to the South in nearly 70 years. Here is our photo essay on the ground, recording the historic morning of the inter-Korean summit.

North Korea Summit and the Elephant in the Room

South Korea's summit with North Korea is happening in less than a week. It's seen as an important stepping stone for Kim Jong-un's expected meeting with Donald Trump sometime in May. What does North Korea want? What are some unspoken issues?

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