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Against South Korea’s Spycam Porn Epidemic

It was a sight to behold: at least 12,000 women shouting at the top of their lungs in central Seoul, enraged by South Korea's widespread spycam pornography, enraged by what they perceived to be police inaction, even discrimination. Here is their story.

Feminism Reboot: “We Are Alive, Right Here”

Two years ago in South Korea, a woman was murdered in Gangnam. It was a senseless death that changed the landscape of feminism in South Korea. Here are the stories of the women who want to reclaim the "dirty F-word" into a language of empowerment.

Feminism is Taboo in S. Korea’s Gaming Industry

Around half of all gamers in South Korea are women, but the industry is still largely male-dominated. Sexual objectification of women is prevalent, whether on game illustrations or actually in the playing field. There is also an alarming taboo against being a feminist.

What Happens to Women After #MeToo

Look beyond the headlines. What about the many more victims of #MeToo that don't get any headlines because the perpetrators aren't 'newsworthy'? Here is the story of what potential victims in South Korea face after they speak out in public.

#MeToo in South Korea: The Fall of Powerful Men and What’s Next

#MeToo is snowballing into an unprecedented storm of discussions and criticisms about sexual harassment in South Korea. Ahn Hee-jung was the latest of 'the mighty' to fall. What questions should we be asking? What lessons should we derive from this movement?

Women's March

South Korea Women’s March in Photos

Korea Exposé shares a selection of photos from Korea Women's March, held in Seoul on Mar. 4. With a progressive government in power, is the gender gap set to start closing?

Study: “Dating Violence Prevalent in Seoul”

A recent study of dating violence in Seoul revealed that 39.1 percent of women had suffered from physical violence, 54.7 percent had been victims of sexual violence, and several other shocking figures.

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