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Tesla Finds Hope in South Korea’s Luxury Car Market

It's been almost one year since Tesla made its pivot to South Korea. Can the country's terrible air quality and South Koreans' flare for luxury cars help boost up Tesla's minimal presence in the country?

Halal market

Can South Korea Tap into Growing Halal Market?

With a growing Muslim presence at home and a booming halal market abroad, South Korean businesses are waking up to the potential of the halal industry. But lack of cultural awareness and regulatory stumbling blocks remain.

Good Luck Making It As Korean in America

It is old (and not fake!) news that U.S. economy has historically benefited from skilled foreign workers. How are the barriers getting harder to mount, especially for Koreans in America?

A K-pop Star for One Day

Going to a noraebang and belting out a tune or two is a favorite pastime for South Koreans. Some companies, though, see an opportunity in elevating this mundane experience to a new level: helping Chinese tourists feel like a K-pop star for one day.

Is There a Grooming Market for Ajeossis?

Ajeossis aren't typically associated with beauty products. But are things changing in the cosmetics industry? Is there a grooming market for older men?

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