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Ediya Coffee: South Korea’s Answer to Starbucks?

South Korea has a hyper-competitive coffee market. Amidst the fierce competition, Ediya Coffee has triumphed across various metrics. It was evaluated as the most profitable coffee franchise in South Korea, with the most number of stores across the nation. It's an anti-Starbucks, in a way.

A Primer: Online Shopping for English-speakers in S. Korea

Looking for rare ingredients? A wider selection of cat food? Or just too lazy to walk out of your apartment? South Korea is a haven for online shoppers, but not always for its foreign residents. There are big hurdles, but e-commerce platforms like Gmarket are trying to improve.

Meal Alternatives

South Korea’s Best Meal Alternatives

If you're suffering from skinny obesity, it's time to get your diet in order! At Korea Exposé we realize you don't always have time to eat well, so here's our roundup of locally available "meal alternatives" in the form of shakes and bars.


South Korea’s Online Piracy Paradise

Piracy costs South Korea's cultural industry huge amounts of money every year. Yet much of it takes place via "webhards," online platforms that hide in plain view, even charging money for other people's pirated content.

Data Collection

South Korea Investigates Social Media over Phone Records

Let's face it, Facebook and other social media giants aren't providing their services for free. Data collection is their business, and you agree to let them have it when you sign up. But have major social media overstepped the line in South Korea?

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