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Against Molka Spycam: Interview With the Faceless Organizers

Anti-spycam protesters have made history in South Korea: Their rallies, including the fourth one today, were some of the largest women's rallies ever. Yet the organizers still remain largely in the shadows, nameless and faceless. We spoke to some of them in early July.

Feminism is Taboo in S. Korea’s Gaming Industry

Around half of all gamers in South Korea are women, but the industry is still largely male-dominated. Sexual objectification of women is prevalent, whether on game illustrations or actually in the playing field. There is also an alarming taboo against being a feminist.

Pojangmacha: Tent Nostalgia

For decades, the pojangmacha was a fixture of South Korean nightlife. The old and young drank soju and chatted in these often tiny, cramped tents. Most of these street tents have disappeared, now to a cultural relic and tool of nostalgic indulgence. But some tents still remain; here are the voices of those inside.

The Ocean Between Jeju’s Island Natives and Mainland Newcomers

Jeju Island is one of South Korea's most popular tourist destinations. But mainland 'settler's on the island say discrimination against them is rampant. Islanders being insular isn't new. But Jeju's painful history offers another insight into the insularity and suspicion.

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