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Cult Leader, Convicted Rapist, Free Man: A Story of JMS

Jeong Myeong-seok is the founder of a notorious cult that encourages beautiful female followers to have sex with the messiah (Jeong) to cleanse Original Sin. In a quirky twist of fate, his recent release from 10-year imprisonment coincides with the spreading of the #MeToo campaign in South Korea.

P(r)aying for Bigotry at Handong University

Handong University announced its official opposition to homosexuality last May: “Homosexuality is a regressive cultural trend that denies Biblical truth” and, “We believe true homosexual rights lie in conversion therapy.” It goes to lengths to abide by this belief.


How Influential Is Islam in South Korea?

Despite grave warnings from some conservative Christians, Islam still has a tiny presence in South Korea. Could it really come to be a dominant force?

Beast from the Earth killing People and People Receiving the Mark of the Beast

Mark of the Beast

If you regularly walk around central Seoul, you’ve probably seen, or heard, them -- elderly folks warning that apocalypse is imminent.

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