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South Korea



Tinder Not Catching Fire in South Korea

Tinder has revolutionized dating worldwide, making "right-swipe" a widely understood concept in many countries. But why hasn't it caught on in South Korea, despite the country's high demand for matchmaking?

Haeryun Kang: Writing About Dog Meat for Al Jazeera

Managing editor Haeryun Kang contributed an article about the status of dog meat culture in South Korea. Read her Al Jazeera story, "Olympics Brings Focus on South Korea's Dog-Meat Culture."


Best Meat-Free Buddhist Places to Eat in Seoul

Typically known for fried chicken and BBQ joints, South Korea may not seem like the friendliest place for vegans and vegetarians. Here's our guide to the best Buddhist places, a safe meat-free option for residents and travelers.

Tesla Finds Hope in South Korea’s Luxury Car Market

It's been almost one year since Tesla made its pivot to South Korea. Can the country's terrible air quality and South Koreans' flare for luxury cars help boost up Tesla's minimal presence in the country?

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