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inter-Korean relations


Chocolate Dessert Sends Netizens into Meltdown

The Korean Peninsula in blue, divided by a black wire, with white liquid pooling in the center. This is the "Pyeongchang dessert" -- an edible statement on inter-Korean politics, for VIP guests at the Olympics.

Why Are South Korea and North Korea Enemies?

Split by the two global superpowers after WW2, South and North Korea are still technically at war. But two countries have much more complex relations than being enemies.

KÉ Interview: “My Sister Married Kim Jong-il”

This unassuming 84-year-old living in Seoul holds a secret: His sister was married to the late North Korean leader Kim Jong-il and bore Kim Jong-nam, once a contender for power. His story is one of tragedy, reunion and loss.

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