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Gyoon Heo

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Gyoon (pseudonym) was born in North Korea, leaving his hometown during his adolescence and arriving in South Korea in 2003. He now works as an office worker in Seoul.

Why I Decline ‘North Korean Defector’ Interview Requests

Media outlets constantly make use of the 'miserable North Korean defector' narrative. The current media frenzy surrounding the inter-Korean summit is no different. But journalists should exercise more sensitivity and respect, writes one defector.

Beyond Blood and Bloody Relations

North Korean defector Gyoon Heo offers his views on why it is high time to step away from emotionally charged approaches toward unification.

The Republic of Konsumerism

North Korean defector Gyoon Heo shares his views in retrospect on consumption in the DPRK vis-à-vis the capitalist paradise that is South Korea.

A North Korean Views South Korea

What do North Korean defectors think of South Korea? A North Korean student shares his views and finds striking similarities between the Two Koreas.

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