Hwang Kyo-ahn

Steven Borowiec
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Hwang Kyo-ahn: The Man Who Wouldn't Be King

When President Park Geun-hye was impeached, her Prime Minister, Hwang Kyo-ahn was named the acting president. Upon taking the top job, Hwang made no effort to distance himself from the disgraced Park, and went as far as to take responsibility for her plight: He said that the whole mess was

Ben Jackson
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What Now? Court Ruling Triggers Early Presidential Election

By upholding Park Geun-hye’s impeachment on Friday morning, the Constitutional Court has opened a new chapter in South Korean political history. But while Park’s opponents and supporters come to terms with the decision, an unprecedented series of events has been set in motion. Here, ké radar

Haeryun Kang
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When A Watch Tells More Than Time

The word “watch” is a double, perhaps triple, entendre when it comes to South Korea’s prime minister and acting president Hwang Kyo-ahn. It’s not just a time-telling device. It’s a symbol of his authority over time — specifically, his power to extend or kill the

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[Updated] Guide to South Korea's Presidential Election

The National Assembly impeached her. The Constitutional Court stripped her of presidency. Prosecutors have summoned her for questioning. She is now holed up in her house in Gangnam, not seen after moving out of the presidential Blue House on Mar. 12. Since the Choi Soon-sil gate broke