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Why Are South Korea and North Korea Enemies?

Split by the two global superpowers after WW2, South and North Korea are still technically at war. But two countries have much more complex relations than being enemies.

Barber From Another Era

Welcome to Seongwoo Barbershop, one of South Korea's oldest barbershops and a fascinating glimpse into a forgotten era within a rapidly changing country.

The Palace’s Painful Past

When you think of 'traditional Korean palace,' you won't think of this white building. The Grand Conservatory has a complex past, now open to the public.

Gwangju 5.18 Memorial Park statue

Gwangju: the City of Democracy

Compared to Seoul, Busan or Gyeongju, Gwangju seems to have little to offer. But Gwangju, where "May 18" happened, is a beacon of democracy.

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