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Ahn Hee-jung

What Happens to Women After #MeToo

Look beyond the headlines. What about the many more victims of #MeToo that don't get any headlines because the perpetrators aren't 'newsworthy'? Here is the story of what potential victims in South Korea face after they speak out in public.

#MeToo in South Korea: The Fall of Powerful Men and What’s Next

#MeToo is snowballing into an unprecedented storm of discussions and criticisms about sexual harassment in South Korea. Ahn Hee-jung was the latest of 'the mighty' to fall. What questions should we be asking? What lessons should we derive from this movement?

Ahn Hee-jung: A Dark Horse Gathers Pace

South Chungcheong governor Ahn Hee-jung has emerged as a serious contender for the presidency. Is there more to him than his youth, charisma and good looks?

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