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Jeju: Museum Heaven or Tax Haven?

Ever wondered why Jeju Island, South Korea's quintessential tourist destination, has so many seemingly-random private museums? Apparently it's all about the tax breaks.

April 3 Uprising and Massacre

Dark Tour: Jeju Island Beyond Teddy Bear Museums

This month marks 70 years of 4.3, one of the worst cases of violence perpetrated by the South Korean state against its own citizens. A different sort of tour shows Jeju beyond the teddy bears and postcard beaches.

The Ocean Between Jeju’s Island Natives and Mainland Newcomers

Jeju Island is one of South Korea's most popular tourist destinations. But mainland 'settler's on the island say discrimination against them is rampant. Islanders being insular isn't new. But Jeju's painful history offers another insight into the insularity and suspicion.

Halal market

Can South Korea Tap into Growing Halal Market?

With a growing Muslim presence at home and a booming halal market abroad, South Korean businesses are waking up to the potential of the halal industry. But lack of cultural awareness and regulatory stumbling blocks remain.

The Palace’s Painful Past

When you think of 'traditional Korean palace,' you won't think of this white building. The Grand Conservatory has a complex past, now open to the public.

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