Youjin Do
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Let's Talk About Depression Differently

In a country plagued with high suicide rates, there is still surprisingly a lack of informed awareness about mental health. Pervasive stigma surrounds depression and therapy. The former is still commonly perceived lightly as a passing mood, an exaggeration, a passing abnormality; there is little awareness about the usefulness of

Ho Kyeong Jang
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EXO Star's Prejudice of Depression is a Korean Prejudice

It had been less than two weeks since Jonghyun, a member of K-pop group SHINee, died, when a popular K-pop idol came under fire for making insensitive comments about depression, the illness thought to have plagued Jonghyun’s final days. At a fan event on Dec. 30, EXO member Baekhyun

Haeryun Kang
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We Need to Talk About Suicide Reporting

How do we find the optimal balance between our right to information, and the risks inherent in broad dissemination of sensitive information? Around 24 hours have passed since 27-year-old Jonghyun, a member of the popular K-pop group SHINee, took his own life. It’s already a huge story, both within

Ho Kyeong Jang
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Obituary: The Legacy of Jonghyun

In an interview with Esquire magazine in April, Jonghyun of K-pop boy band SHINee shared the following story: “A few years ago, I cried in front of my mother and older sister. I was super drunk…. I woke them up late at night and asked them if they were happy.

Seohoi Stephanie Park
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TV Producer's Death Casts Light on Dark Side of K-Drama Industry

On Oct. 26, a man was found dead in a hotel near Gangnam, two days after finishing a project at work. His name was Lee Han-bit, and he worked as an assistant producer for the cable channel tvN, where he had just wrapped up production of “Drinking Solo,” a popular

Daniel Corks
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Weekly Brief: Sept. 5th - Sept. 11th

“Just take off the mask” Demonstrators wearing masks may soon be subject to sentences of up to 18 months despite an absence of legislation on the matter. The Supreme Court issued sentencing guidelines last week that view masks as aggravating factors on obstruction of justice charges. Following mass demonstrations late

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Seoul Train Station

This morning, a middle aged man in tattered clothes sat down in the road at the Seoul Station bus stop. The buses went around him. I asked a woman at the bus stop to call emergency services; the police told her to call welfare. While she did, he got up