Jihyun Kim
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Evolution K-Fashion: From Dongdaemun Alleys to the World

Midnight on a Friday: A time when most office workers are going home after their work and evening hoesik. But in Dongdaemun’s Shopping Town, the day is just starting. Giant malls like Nuzzon, whose only clients are wholesalers, come to life with the rising murmurs of the crowd. Wholesalers

Jieun Choi
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Why the Korean-Venezuelan Brothers Make Chocolate

Meet the creators of P.chokko, a chocolate shop in Seoul. They want to change Korean chocolate and send a message about their home, Venezuela.

Mandy Nguyen
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Getting Lost in Alleyways and Seoul's Childhood

Not far from the busiest center of Seoul, with all the traffic and political rallies, there is Seochon, a quaint neighborhood in Seoul. In it, there is a single arcade that has been operating since 1988. It’s managed by Seol Jaewoo, a local resident who successfully crowdfunded to keep

Raphael Rashid
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Travel Guide: How Difficult Is It Really, Getting to Pyeongchang?

Very…but it need not be “After the opening ceremony, my friends had a nightmare journey going back to their motel. They rode a shuttle bus that dropped them at one of the interchanges outside of town, but since it was late, there was no connecting service back to

Rachel Oh
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It's High Time: Korean-American Designers Inject Stoner Culture in K-Fashion

South Korea, education, religion, and marijuana. See the odd one out? Sundae School, a Seoul-based streetwear brand inspired by stoner culture, brings together these four seemingly-dissimilar elements into fashion. The young Korean-American siblings who founded the company have garnered attention in the U.S. since they launched the brand in

Jieun Choi
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Barber From Another Era

Opened in 1927, Seongwoo Barbershop is one of the oldest in South Korea. Its 68-year-old proprietor-cum-barber Lee Nam-yeol may also be one of the longest-running barbers in the country. Time seems to stand still here. Since Lee’s grandfather opened the shop under Japanese rule, Lee has kept most

Youngjoo Lee
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The Palace's Painful Past

When it was built in 1909, the Grand Conservatory in Changgyeong Palace was the largest of its kind in Asia. After years of restoration, the conservatory has been opened to the public just last month. Is it a symbol of colonialists and capitalites tainting the royal legacy of the Joseon

Se-Woong Koo
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Seocheon: Overlooked, All the More Authentic

The mudflat is vast, stretching as far as the eye can see. A few fishermen in thigh-high rubber boots waddle through pools of seawater. Two elderly women are hunched over, digging up shellfish. We gingerly hop from one rock to another, trying not to fall while still admiring small sea

Steven Borowiec
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Honbap: Eating Alone Is a New Norm

Upon entering any restaurant in South Korea, after saying hello, the staff inevitably ask the same question: How many in your party? Not at this restaurant. The staff here assume you’re all alone. When I walked into Dokgojin, a barbecue eatery in Bucheon, a suburb west of Seoul, the