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Steven Borowiec
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This Foul-Mouthed 20-Year-Old is Changing South Korea's Millennial Media

Guk Beom-geun has a message for you, and he’s happy to phrase it in the bluntest possible terms. In a video, while digging in to a bowl of spicy ramen, he addressed the question on everyone’s lips, “What the Fuck is North Korea’s Problem?” “North Korea’s

Yvonne Kim
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Education Blues Pt. 2: Sex Education Without Sex

How can students prevent sexual assault while on a trip with their friends? Don’t go in the first place, said the Ministry of Education’s first standardized sex education curriculum in 2015. And to prevent sexual assault when home alone with a friend of the opposite sex? Don’t

Ben Jackson
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KÉ Interview: Young Pioneers for New Kind of Sex Ed

When Chopin wrote his Nocturne in E-flat major, Op. 9, No. 2 around 1830, he may not have anticipated that it would be used as the background music for a 2017 South Korean video that used pink balloons and lubricant to illustrate proper female masturbation techniques. But it was. Welcome

Haeryun Kang
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"Above 19 Not Allowed": Condoms For Sale, Teenagers Only

Instinctus is not your average South Korean company. It’s run by a 26-year-old CEO who openly identifies as a bisexual, and sells certified vegan condoms manufactured in Thailand. More recently, it has garnered media — and police — attention for installing condom vending machines, only for teenagers.