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Getting Lost in Alleyways and Seoul’s Childhood

Not far from the busiest center of Seoul, with all the traffic and political rallies, there is Seochon, a quaint neighborhood in Seoul. Its only arcade is a microcosm of South Korea today, at the intersection of rapid change and nostalgia for the past.

Itaewon mosque and Hannam Newtown District 3

End of Itaewon As We Know Nears

It was a matter of time before Itaewon was 'redeveloped.' The most significant step toward razing a part of it came Tuesday.

“Jae-gaebal”: Resisting Seoul’s Brutal Apart-ization

Urban redevelopment has taken a curious form in Seoul. Fully functioning and inhabited neighborhoods are razed with the consent of a bare majority. Explore the world of redevelopment - "jae-gaebal" -- and the role of hired goons known as "yongyeok."

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