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Feminism is Taboo in S. Korea’s Gaming Industry

Around half of all gamers in South Korea are women, but the industry is still largely male-dominated. Sexual objectification of women is prevalent, whether on game illustrations or actually in the playing field. There is also an alarming taboo against being a feminist.

People gathered in Gwanghwamun Plaza on Oct. 29 to voice concerns over the scandal implicating President Park Geun-hye and her friend, Choi Soon-sil. (Jun Michael Park/Korea Exposé)

Weekly Brief: Oct. 24th – 30th

Choi Soon-sil scandal blows open and threatens presidency; artists jailed for criticizing government; Baek Nam-gi autopsy warrant expires and more.

In Defense of Feminism

It is essential to expose the strategy against women’s rights for what it is: Claiming victimhood, angry men seek to assume a position of moral superiority.

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