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The K-pop DNA

K-pop is no longer just ‘Korean’ pop, but a global phenomenon reaching millions of fans worldwide. Here’s the story of a BTS fan from Malaysia.

Who Is to Blame for the Ills of South Korea’s Musical Industry?

Over the past 20 years, the South Korean musical industry has experienced explosive growth. But it has failed to develop artistically, depending on big-scale Western productions. The problem lies with local production companies that prioritize profit over quality, some say. But many industry insiders blame the fans.


K-Webtoons: The Next K-Pop in Southeast Asia?

South Korea's K-webtoons are gaining popularity in Southeast Asian countries, especially Thailand and Indonesia. Can titles like "I am Gangnam Beauty" and "Lookism" become as big a hit as K-pop in the region?


Netmarble Announces BTS Game Collaboration

South Korean game giant Netmarble and K-pop phenomenon BTS have partnered up to create a new game titled BTS World. But this is not the first time local game companies have tapped into the vast popularity of K-pop...

A K-pop Star for One Day

Going to a noraebang and belting out a tune or two is a favorite pastime for South Koreans. Some companies, though, see an opportunity in elevating this mundane experience to a new level: helping Chinese tourists feel like a K-pop star for one day.

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