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K-Webtoons: The Next K-Pop in Southeast Asia?

South Korea's K-webtoons are gaining popularity in Southeast Asian countries, especially Thailand and Indonesia. Can titles like "I am Gangnam Beauty" and "Lookism" become as big a hit as K-pop in the region?


Netmarble Announces BTS Game Collaboration

South Korean game giant Netmarble and K-pop phenomenon BTS have partnered up to create a new game titled BTS World. But this is not the first time local game companies have tapped into the vast popularity of K-pop...

A K-pop Star for One Day

Going to a noraebang and belting out a tune or two is a favorite pastime for South Koreans. Some companies, though, see an opportunity in elevating this mundane experience to a new level: helping Chinese tourists feel like a K-pop star for one day.

K-Pop: Stream Like You Breathe

K-pop fans are famous for their impressively coordinated support of idols, including a practice called sumseuming, "streaming music 24/7 as one breathes."

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