Steven Borowiec
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IMF 20 Years On: S. Korea’s Never-ending Crisis

Near the end of the service, Pastor Huh Woon-ho asked the packed tent of congregants a question he already knew the answer to: “What happened 20 years ago?” The churchgoers instinctively knew what Huh was getting at, and responded in low-voiced unison, “The IMF crisis.” Before that, the worst financial

Seohoi Stephanie Park
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South Koreans Compete for Government Jobs as Economy Flounders

Last Thursday, a 30-year-old man committed suicide on a mountain near Mapo district, Seoul. He was a gongsisaeng — a student preparing to take a civil service exam for officials-to-be in lower levels of management. In his hand was a piece of paper on which he had calculated his score

Daniel Corks
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Weekly Brief: Oct. 17th - 23rd

Conscientious objectors to military service not guilty, appeals court rules. In a rare decision, two conscientious objectors were found not guilty by an appeals court. Though lower courts have ruled similarly in the past, this ruling is a first at the appeals level. In South Korea, any man refusing to