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Kimchi Premium and S. Korea's Cryptocurrency Mess

On Jan. 30, the government regulations regarding the cryptocurrency market in South Korea went into effect.  What is the ‘kimchi premium’? Check out the video above. For a more detailed look at the premium and the government regulations, read Raphael’s “Kimchi Premium? Arbitrage? Regulations?

Juwon Park
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I Am a 24-Year Old South Korean and My Hopes Are in Cryptocurrency

“Do you know how to buy bitcoins from exchanges abroad?” asked my cousin on KakaoTalk, South Korea’s popular messenger app. When I told him he might need an overseas bank account, he asked, “Do you also invest in bitcoins?” I told him about my very first financial investment made

Haeryun Kang
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Being Frugal, Not YOLO, Is South Korea's New Fad

Who knew that a podcast analyzing receipts could create such a sensation? That’s all there is to the recording: A South Korean comedian breaks down somebody’s monthly expenditures and rates the spending based on the contributor’s income and long-term financial goals. Two comedians sit

Charlotte Hammond
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Changes at Famed Noryangjin Fish Market Ignite Struggle

These days any tourists or shoppers passing through Seoul’s Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market will see a lot of red. Not just the red of the plastic slotted bins for sorting fish, the rubber gloves used for handing them or the deep flush of stacked sea pineapple. In Noryangjin today