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Ban Ki-moon at Davos 2009

Goodbye, Mr. Half

Former U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is no longer trying to be the next South Korean president. He has only himself to blame.

Ethics Be Damned: South Korean Journalism Fails

I get visibly tense when I see my name in South Korean media or a local reporter contacts me. Ethics is in short supply in South Korea’s journalism business. I do not wish to be part of this game.

In Defense of Feminism

It is essential to expose the strategy against women’s rights for what it is: Claiming victimhood, angry men seek to assume a position of moral superiority.


Gaejeossi Must Die

When ajeossi go wild, young South Koreans have a name for them: gaejeossi.

South Korea’s History Textbook Whitewash

By revising the history textbook, the government will whitewash the past to bolster the conservative cause at the expense of the education system and South Korea’s international reputation as a democracy.

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