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P(r)aying for Bigotry at Handong University

Handong University announced its official opposition to homosexuality last May: “Homosexuality is a regressive cultural trend that denies Biblical truth” and, “We believe true homosexual rights lie in conversion therapy.” It goes to lengths to abide by this belief.

Stop Attributing Everything to Confucianism

Phrases like "such and such happened because of ingrained Confucian values" show up time and again in Western reporting about Asian countries, not least South Korea. But is it true, or is it just lazy journalism?

KÉ Interview: “My Sister Married Kim Jong-il”

This unassuming 84-year-old living in Seoul holds a secret: His sister was married to the late North Korean leader Kim Jong-il and bore Kim Jong-nam, once a contender for power. His story is one of tragedy, reunion and loss.

South Korea’s Looming Choice

With every sign pointing to Washington's desire to wage war against North Korea, South Koreans should think hard about the longtime U.S.-ROK alliance.

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