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Updates and messages from our team members.

Korea Exposé Went to Gyeongju for MT…

...which stands for 'membership training,' but in South Korea often means a group retreat with ample chances to drink booze and sleep in later than usual. And no work, of course, other than weeding. 

Haeryun Kang: Startup Talk with Asia Tomorrow U

How did Korea Exposé become a startup? What are its goals and business strategies? Haeryun Kang, Korea Exposé's CEO & Managing Editor, shared the story of our journalism startup with students from ASIA TOMORROW.

North Korea Summit and the Elephant in the Room

South Korea's summit with North Korea is happening in less than a week. It's seen as an important stepping stone for Kim Jong-un's expected meeting with Donald Trump sometime in May. What does North Korea want? What are some unspoken issues?

Haeryun Kang Is Korea Exposé’s New CEO

It's been a full year since Korea Exposé launched as a company, and Se-Woong Koo steps down from the role of CEO, to be replaced by managing editor Haeryun Kang effective immediately.

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