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Juwon Park

Juwon Park has 32 articles published.

Juwon is a journalist at Korea Exposé covering all things business. She’s previously worked as a TV producer in Channel News Asia in Singapore and has interned for Bloomberg, AP and Google. Juwon is a proud owner of her dog Noah and a graduate of Journalism and Media Studies Centre at the University of Hong Kong.

K-Webtoons: The Next K-Pop in Southeast Asia?

South Korea's K-webtoons are gaining popularity in Southeast Asian countries, especially Thailand and Indonesia. Can titles like "I am Gangnam Beauty" and "Lookism" become as big a hit as K-pop in the region?


Does GM Want to Leave South Korea (Again)?

One of the biggest stories now in South Korea is General Motors. The company is closing one plant and there are talks of a complete pull-out. Here is our comprehensive run-down of the situation.

A South Korean Startup Wants to Pair Wine with Korean Blood Sausage

A former foreign policy researcher wants to change the wine culture in South Korea -- by pairing up wine with Korean blood sausage, and pig's trotter. Will her attempt to make wine less intimidating and more interesting in a country dominated by soju-lovers?

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