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Suneung: The Judgment Day

The results for this year's Suneung are coming out today. Nowhere is the pressure of the college entrance exam more …

Faster Than Men

Moon Hye-min is one of S. Korea's 34 professional female car racers. She wants to break the stereotypes that it's …

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North Korea Nuclear Crisis 101

North Korea is a subject of major concern and fascination due to its growing arsenal of nuclear weapons. Here is …

Samsung's Seocho headquarters in Seoul

What Does Samsung Make?

After Apple launched the first iPhone in 2007, Samsung responded with a drive to create world-leading smartphones of its own.… …

That Phenomenon of Couple Looks

For all its fashion-consciousness and fast-changing trends, South Korea suffers from a sartorial abomination that just wouldn't die: the couple …

Dating for Dummies

New to dating in South Korea? Here is a quick guide to the ritual and tribulations of dating in South …

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