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Pleasures of Seoul

To paraphrase a common sentiment among overseas Koreans, where they live might be called "a boring paradise, but Seoul is an exciting …


Gaejeossi Must Die

When ajeossi go wild, young South Koreans have a name for them: gaejeossi. …

Jun Michael Park for Korea Exposé

A South Korean in Paris, as a Refugee

“Diego” could easily pass for one of many South Korean tourists who flock to Paris for food, shopping, and that legendary ‘je …

"Hell Joseon: An Infernal Hellfire Peninsula"

Korea, Thy Name is Hell Joseon

More and more South Koreans in their 20s and 30s are calling South Korea hell and vowing to escape the system. …

From "Fragments of Seoul" (Credit: Jun Michael Park)

When We Became Gangnam

There are a few things I cannot forget from my childhood: picking mugwort with my sexagenarian babysitter at a nearby park, to …

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Ewha Protest Haeryun Kang

Weekly Brief: Oct. 17th – 23rd

Conscientious objectors found not guilty; Baek Nam-gi autopsy deadline gets closer; abortion law changes scraped; Ewha president resigns; and homemade guns. …

Actors Song Kangho and Kim Hyesoo are among the

Weekly Brief: Oct. 10th – 16th

Artists blacklisted; protest over abortion; anti-corruption law and sex industry; Burmese refugees; and migrant children deprived of education. …

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